Jun 23, 2008

Keillor: Present and Past


Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion

The man is 66 years old in August. Here he is talking about his radio show:

Garrison Keillor endorses Obama

Here he is endorsing Obama (recorded on February 2008):


The Witty and Urbane Garrison Keillor in 1985

The man was 43 years old. His voice was so young and nasal back then. Here he was talking about his book:

Here's what the poster of the video had to say:

It's rare when anyone can keep up with the gapped toothed one, let alone, match him, but the great Garrison Keillor is one who can. Don't be fooled by his laconic demeanor, GK is, inch for inch, one of the quickest minds around.

One need only listend to his weekly monologues on his classic long running NPR radio program, A Prairie Home Companion, to hear him extemporize. He has notes, sure, but I've seen the show live, and he rarely looks at them. Even on radio, he looks out at the audience and you can tell his mind is constantly working.

Here he is promoting one of his early books, "Lake Wobegon days", and he jousts with Dave about the New York Times bestseller list of books. Listen to his clever remarks about his non-competition Jackie Collins.

Well done Gary! Even at 43, you were at the top of your Game~

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