May 9, 2007

The Brig—What Did We Learn So Far?

So what did we learn in this episode?

We learned that Kate can have sex in Sawyer’s tent, but cannot sleep in his tent or with him for that matter. (Hmmm, I wonder whether this bit of information was really that important.)

We learned that Locke’s father was the real Sawyer of James Ford’s nightmares. This was no big reveal for the die-hard fan.

We learned that in order to embrace the island, Locke has to get rid of the demon (his father, Anthony Cooper) that plagued him ever since his kidney was stolen from him.

We learned that the Others have an extensive file on them. One of their files (James Ford’s) was given to Locke to read.

We learned that Richard has some issues against Ben. (Or does he? I think he was sent to Locke by Ben. And, furthermore, I think the speech Richard gave about Ben being distracted by minor things and not worrying about the real issues was something Ben told Richard to say. Ben wanted Anthony Cooper dead. Why? I don’t know.)

We learned that Naomi has a very sophisticated, state of the art, and perhaps extremely futuristic telephone that Sayid has never seen. (Are we getting hints of time travel again?)

We learned that Oceanic Flight 815, according to Naomi, crashed into the ocean, leaving no survivors. But the fact that she is among the survivors of that flight who claim that the plane crashed on land after breaking apart in the air, does not seem to disturb her at all. (I certainly would have been freaking out and wondering whether I was in the twilight zone.)

We learned that the castaways do not trust Jack anymore, and they are hiding Naomi from him. But then, can we blame them? Jack has been acting really strange, almost as if he, as Locke, has joined the Others. If Jack knows something that is beneficial to their cause, he should start sharing. After all, his friends are now firm believers in “united, we stand; divided, we fall” theory. Jack spoke about that theory in his “live together; die alone” speech, but he never followed it through.

We learned that Danielle is using some dynamite. However, the big question is, what is she intending in blowing up? I guess, we will find out about that in the finale. Hopefully, she won’t blow up somebody we care about a lot.

We learned that Locke is looked upon as being special. Cindy, Ben (who later retracted the statement), and Richard told him so. However, Locke is not totally accepted into their society, which is quite apparent because everyone has tents to sleep in. John Locke has to sleep outside totally unprotected from the elements. What must he do to be accepted? Does Ben need to approve it? Does Locke have to be initiated? Ben certainly alluded to that to Locke.

We learned that Kate is so jealous of Juliet that she is willing to spill the beans to Jack in front of Juliet just to show him how much people distrust him for being Juliet’s friend. In other words, we learned that Kate is still a juvenile.

We learned that Anthony Cooper is unrepentant and is still an arrogant fool.

We learned that they possibly may be in hell or, at least, according to Anthony Cooper. However, I think that line was just thrown at us to foil us. After all, this is LOST that I talking about.

We learned that James Ford finally was able to avenge the death of his parents by killing the real Sawyer: Anthony Cooper. But we also learned that James was sickened by his murderous act. James as we knew him will be no more. There is a new sheriff in town for sure.

Last minute observations:

After watching this episode, I came to the conclusion that being a “good person” is really important to the Others. However, they have a weird sense of being “good,” and they are ready to get rid of the “bad” person by any means, even murder.

Murdering a bad person does not seem to be sinful. Murdering their own (and by their own, by definition alone means that the person has been classified as a “good” person) is punishable by death, unless commuted by their leader, namely Ben.

When Juliet murdered Picket, she was tried for murder. Alex told Jack that in their society the eye-for-an-eye rule was observed, and by murdering one of their own, Juliet was to die. At Jack’s insistence (he refused to help Ben’s festering wound if Juliet was to be sentenced to death), Juliet’s death sentence was changed to being marked. (However, I believe that this particular incident was orchestrated by Ben to give him a way of saving Juliet’s life. That way, he was not viewed as a weak leader; after all, he was forced by Jack to reduce the sentence. One thing that we must always remember is that Ben is always 10 steps ahead of everyone he is conning.)

Something else observed

The Brig starts with Locke pouring over some data and someone banging to get out of some room. Then we are taken to the events that occurred 8 days before. John is surprised to see that his father was brought to the island. Ben claims that Locke brought him over by thinking about him; Locke claims that he did not. It is interesting to see how Ben manipulates John. He does warn John not to go near Anthony Cooper, but since John does not listen, Ben allows John to remove the gag from Anthony’s mouth. Anthony is not a very cooperative and nice person. He bites the heck out of John’s hand. Tom had to laser him to stop biting. Question: Where in the world did Tom come from? He certainly was not there in the “Man from Tallahassee” episode. Richard was there. Interestingly, Richard was absent from this scene. The continuity people should pay attention to this. LOST fans are notorious about sweeping this show with a fine tooth comb.

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