Apr 6, 2007

LOST Will Reveal Answers with the Next Consecutive Episodes

Want LOST Answers? Producers say Stay Tuned!

April 6, 2007

LOST fans should prepare for big reveals in every single episode leading up to the finale, according to the buzz. Everyone from E!Online's spoiler queen Kristin, to the LOST producers themselves are claiming that huge answers are on the way as LOST picks up its down hill momentum towards it's May 23rd finale. What mysteries will be explained? What character meets up can we look forward to? Read on for some exclusive spoilers and hints.

Some huge pieces of LOST lore ware going to come to a head in the final weeks of LOST's third season. That letter Sawyer has been carrying around in his back pocket all these years? He'll finally have the chance to deliver it! Make what you will of what this means, I'm not going to give away the obvious, but suffice to say that man responsible for the death by conning of Sawyer's parents is going to be on the island, and Locke will be getting the two together.

What about the Dharma initiative and this nasty Purge business? Will there be answers there? There are two rumors that suggest that YES we will not only get a glimpse into the beginnings of the Dharma initiative as well as some of the details concerning the on island strife that occurred between the indigenous people (if there were any to begin with) and the invading Dharma folk. There is a hotly rumored flashback episode that will, if you believe in rumors, cover the formation of Dharma and give a bit of what was known about the island before Dharma even set up shop there.

On the totally "we're going to tease you to death" level, the LOST writers have been promising us, without fingers crossed, that we are going to find out something about Jack which is going to have us talking all summer. Something from his past? His future? Something about an alternate identity perhaps? Who knows, but whatever it is, we will know soon. LOST Season three ends in just seven short weeks, so brace yourself for an action packed build up.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer


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